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Court Bond

Appeal Bond Application

Appeal bonds usually require full collateral.  Surety may accept the following as collateral.*

1. A cashier's check made payable to Surety.
2. An Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ILOC) drawn on a bank acceptable to Surety.  Use of our format for the ILOC or pre-approval of the bank''s format is required.
3. A mortgage or Deed of Trust on real property (in most cases, property must be free of encumbrances and must be valued at least twice the amount of the required bond).

* All of the above forms of collateral are subject to prior approval and qualification by the Surety.  Fees may be imposed for the use of, or in conjunction with the acceptance and release of, certain forms of collateral.  All fees, if any, will be fully disclosed to the principal prior to Surety proceeding with issuance of an appeal bond.

Premium Schedule:

Civil Bonds with Hard Collateral
- Cashier''s Check, Letter of Credit, Certificate of Deposit -  2% of first $50,000.00 with a miminum of $250.00 and 1% over $50.000.00.

Civil Bonds with Soft Collateral - Real Property 4% with a minimum of $250.00 and a minimum, non-refundable $375.00 (verify amount with for title report and appraisal.

First year''s premium is fully earned upon issuance of the bond by Surety.


Attach a copy of the court order for the bond.  This is required for all court bond submissions.  In addition, copies of other court documents and financial statements may also be required.  Here is a link to sample personal financial statements.

Bond Premium: Varies - See Above

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